A Powerful, Free-to-use API.

How to use

BytesToBits API requires an API token. In order to gain one, please create an account [here](/register/). There is a maximum of __50 requests per minute__. Surpassing this limit will get your token temporarily blocked from the API. Continuous overuse might lead to a permanent account suspension.

Want to host your version of the API? Check out the [Source Code](!

Python Example

Basic example of how to retrieve a
random text from our API using the
'/text/' endpoint.
import requests

settings = {
  "headers": {
    "Authorization": "API_TOKEN"
text = requests.get(BASE_URL + "text", **settings).text

API Endpoints

These are the available API Endpoints __as of now__.

- /text/

- /madlibs/

- /lyrics/

- /meme/

- /reddit/

- /word/